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Many people throughout the UK and Ireland are enjoying fantastic incomes with this business.  For some, it's a reliable extra income to help save up for holidays and cars or, to pay off bills.  For others, it's their full-time income and many people are already earning over £5,000 per month.  Our top distributorship is now earning over £50,000 per month and believe it or not, this was initially built on a part-time basis!

Below are a few people who will be there to support you and help you achieve what you want from the business...

Gillian Nicholson - Gloucestershire Gill Nicholson

Gill is the daughter of Kleeneze veteran Jim Nicholson who was awarded a life time achievement award from the company and was himself, one of the original door to door salesman with a suitcase.  Due to his ill health, Gill played a much more involved role in the business and now, with an annual income of over £250,000 is one of the top earners in the company.

Now earning over £25,000 per month.

Kleeneze Distributor, Paul Flintoft

Paul Flintoft - East Yorkshire

Although I started my business late in 2001 while I was at university, I had for a long time wanted to be my own boss, but never knew how.  I wanted time and money freedom to enjoy life while I was still young, not have to wait until I was a pensioner!  After 'testing the water' for a few months and doing some research, I knew that this business could be the vehicle to help me achieve the lifestyle I wanted.  The magic of this business is being able to help others do the same!

Now earning over £4,000 per month.

Alan & Barbara Peachey - Buckinghamshire Alan & Barbara Peachey

Our network marketing career began when we lived in London.  Alan was working as a bus driver and I was working as a Secretary and we had two young daughters, not enough money, and no time to spend with each other.  During the first ten years we joined numerous companies, lost lots of money, but gained a lot of experience, and then ten years ago we found Kleeneze and we have never looked back.  We were earning over £3,000 per month after our first year in the business and now have the kind of lifestyle most people only ever dream about.  We have no boss, a good income and we can do what we like, when we like. Who could ask for more.

Now earning over £3,500 per month.

Simon Hilton & Tracey Ricketts - Kent

Simon Hilton & Tracey Ricketts

We decided to join Kleeneze due to the fact that Tracey was having to work nights in a care home, whilst looking after our 4 children (all under 8 years of age) and I was working 70-90 hours per week, often driving over 2000 miles. We decided we had to do something to free up time in our lives and create more income - we really were struggling to get by financially. We initially began to build our Kleeneze business around that lifestyle and soon found our household income and freedom of time had improved greatly, after just a few weeks in the business. Incredibly after just 14 weeks we quit our jobs and ran our Kleeneze business full-time.

Now earning over £1,800 per month.

Chris & Wendy Mason-Paull - Bristol

Chris & Wendy Mason-Paull

In our first week we picked up orders worth £400 before we had even seen a customer. We ended our first month with a profit of just over £500. This gave us the confidence to start introducing other people and in our second month with a team of 9 we produced total orders of £18,000 and had a cheque from the company for £1,045!

The lifestyle and income that this has given us is way beyond our wildest ever expectations. We have been able to help countless people start and build a successful home based business.  However, the fact that this is a very simple business does not make it some sort of get rich quick scheme - there is work involved. If you are prepared to work hard enough, the rewards can be truly massive.

Now earning over £25,000 per month.

Ian Durrell - London

Ian Durrell

I joined the Kleeneze business after being made redundant in mid 2003.  I realised that by combining the growing trend in home shopping together with Kleeneze’s range of everyday products there was a great opportunity here. Since joining I have worked closely with my sponsor and I now have a growing business enabling me to spend more time with others in the team helping them to develop their businesses. By working the simple Kleeneze system I am well on the way to meeting some of my important goals.

Now earning over £1,400 per month.

Graham France

Graham France - Herts

I was first introduced to Kleeneze by my girlfriend, after she had been looking on the internet for a way to earn some extra cash. I was very sceptical at first but only because I had been involved with another MLM before.  I really needed to sort my finances as I was slowly but steadily spiralling down a financial plughole.

After a few weeks of consideration and persuasion we both saw a great opportunity and went for it.  We made £282 in our 1st full 4-week period and we also qualified as silver distributors in that period and the recognition we got, gave us another boost to our belief in this great business.  Following the system has now brought us to the first of our goals and that is to earn £1000 per month in our spare time, and we have done it.  We now have our sights set on a free European conference.

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